Services Offered

Comprehensive Services for Attorneys & Advocates

Disability Law Marketing, LLC, offers a full range of advertising services primarily to firms with contingency fee practices, although we can work with any type of law firm. We offer a wide array of services, including:

Experienced & Client-Focused
We work with firms in all areas of contingency fee practices. We do not require long term contracts and earn our client’s trust and satisfaction by the results they see in phone calls, clients signed up and fees they earn. We demonstrate our dedication to the firms we represent, producing the lowest possible cost per case in the legal advertising industry. Whether you’re the owner of a new legal practice, or simply wish to enhance your name and image in the industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to give you the edge you need.

We pride ourselves on the creativity we bring to each client. We use some ads that we have copyrighted that we know will work, while creating others that define your uniqueness in your market.

The Added Bonus
DLM provides every client, before the first ads run, with a consultation with one of the nation’s experts for contingency law firms, on how to increase the clients you sign up from the ads you run.

Detailed Media Buying Plans
We understand the importance of quality advertising for law firms. DLM does it in a way that has a positive impact on the growth of law firms that retain us for representation. As experienced marketing professionals, we assume the responsibility of creating TV advertisements, negotiating and overseeing media buys, creating websites and providing SEO services. We make it a point to carefully analyze TV ratings data and competitive media intelligence in our clients’ market areas to produce the most cost effective media buying strategy for our clients.

Building an Online Presence
Although TV advertisements are an extremely effective way for attorneys to acquire new clients, a successful marketing plan will include a number of strategies for signing on new clients.

We help our clients create an entire marketing plan. This includes having a professional, aesthetically appealing website, which is crucial to building brand recognition and establishing your marketing persona. Building a notable online presence in addition to TV notoriety is an effective way to begin your marketing plan. If you need expertise with website development, implementation of effective SEO, PPC, and Remarketing, our team of specialists will provide the solutions you need. We can also help law firms in creating newsletters that encourage referrals from current clients, past clients, and professionals who serve your potential clients.